Rebuilt Liao-style pavilion opens to public


A view of the newly-rebuilt Yunyang Pavilion in Shenyang’s Heping district on May 15.[Photo/]

A replica pavilion built in the traditional style of the Liao Dynasty (916-1125)reopened to the public on May 15, providing a new scenic spot and aplace for artisticperformances.

Located in Heping district of Liaoning province's Shenyang city, Yunyang Pavilionhad a long history dating back to the Liao Dynasty (916-1125).

The newly-rebuilt pavilionis divided into five parts and covers an area of 698.7 square meters. The building's height now reaches 20.5 meters.

Shenyang’sgovernmentrevealed that the rebuilt Yunyang Pavilion will serve as a professional performance site, where the annual Hunhe Symphony Concert and other cultural performanceswill take place. It will also attract tourists looking for an attractive scenic spot.