Bai ethnic group culture charms Shenyang residents


Dali in Southwest China's Yunnan province has hold a tourism promotion event in Faku county of Shenyang city to showcase its charms of Bai ethnic group culture and promote multi-destination tourism, reported on May 10.

Located in central of Yunnan province and over 2,000 meters above sea level, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture is the residence of China's 13 ethnic groups and its major population is Bai people.

Dali, as a popular tourist attraction, has many things to offer: cultural relics, dense forestry in lush nature reserves, beautiful lake and mountain scenery, authentic local foods,in addition to multiple and rich ethnic group culture with original flavors.

The opening ceremony of Dali's tourism promotion event is held in Faku county of Shenyang on May 10. [Photo/]

According to information from the event's sponsors——the tourism authorities of Faku county and Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, the tourism promotion event will last by the end of this year. Over the half-year period, Dali will showcase Shenyang people with various culture experience activities, including tasting Bai ethnic group's food and tea, enjoying local dancing and singing performances, as well as admiring culture exhibitions.

The tourism promotion event will strengthen cultural communications between the two sides, and serve as a driving force of local tourism development, said Ma Jinzhong, deputy director of Dali's tourism committee.

Bai people showcase Bai ethnic group's dances at Dali's tourism promotion event held in Faku county of Shenyang on May 10. [Photo/]