Shenyang holds science promotion day


The Shenyang branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a science promotion day forthe public on May 20, giving local residents an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge scientific technology and high-tech products.

The major activities of the event included free visits to over 60 laboratories, robot exhibition halls and a marine biologycenter. Thirty scientific reports were also delivered by experts.

The highlights of the event were three newly-developed robots which will be used forearthquake search and rescue operations, and a new type of drone.

A researcher demonstrated the drone at the science promotion day. The drone can recognize the hand gesture of the operator and carry out various flight missions according to the operator's instructions. The maximum altitude of the droneis 50 meters and it is resistant to interference from the intense light that can be an issue when operating outdoors.

A researcher demonstrates the newly-developeddrone at the science promotion day held in Shenyang on May 20. [Photo/]

A researcher operates the newly-developed droneusing hand gestures on May 20. [Photo/]

A newly-launched robot marine exploreron display in Shenyang on May 20. [Photo/]